About 50/50

The 50/50 board game is the first of its kind Kenyan board game that provides an exciting and entertaining way to spend time with friends and family reliving Kenyan memories. The board game brings together people, places, events, celebrities, politicians, TV and radio programmes and hosts, historical sites, geographical features, brand names and anything and everything Kenyan with a touch of Africa!

Go through over 2500 words, and discover humorous and creative ways to describe different words to your team in just 50 seconds for each round. From your favourite Kenyan musician to your high school or primary school, from your description of a TV programme to a geographical feature, from a Kenyan brand to a company slogan…

The 50/50 board game is great for the perfect game night, baby/bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building events, family/friend get-togethers, outdoor  barbecues, indoor dinners you name it!

Get your copy today and see how well you can describe everything Kenyan… In just 50 seconds!


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