What Happened To Actual Conversation?


“Did you know the average person spends four years of his life looking down at his cellphone?”

I came across this YouTube video titled “Can we auto correct humanity” and it reminded me of one of the main reasons my siblings and I decided to create the “Number 1, award-winning”, Kenyan Board game. Two years and two months since we launched the 50/50 board game and I say that with lots of pride.

Growing up in Langata my siblings and I spent our school holidays outside playing all sorts of games with our neighbours, climbing trees, rooftops, taking walks round the estate and having actual conversation on literally anything and everything. Other times we would play board games. Some like chess and drafts we would create from carton boxes and bottle tops while others like Ludo, Uno, 30 seconds and Taboo we bought and kept for years until we start replacing pieces with anything you found around the house. We would replace Monopoly money that disappeared or got worn out with normal paper cut out in the same size and coloured to almost resemble “monopoly currency”. We would replace tokens with anything from buttons in different colours to using badges and toggles from our Brownie and Scout uniforms.

Robert Brault said “The perfect family board game is one that can be played each time with fewer pieces” And he was right. For every letter lost in our game of Scrabble, we found ways to create sometimes up to 7 letter words, replacing lost tokens with makeshift pieces drawn with black markers.

Those were some of the best days of our lives (insert sand through the hourglass 🙂 . When we would actually sit down and communicate over hours of laughter and competition. When we would have time to notice small things like a new outfit or a pimple on your sister’s chin or the tiny strands of hair that we are now calling a beard on your brothers face.We had such memorable times teaching our parents how to play as well and enjoyed hilarious moments over a game of Scrabble waiting for 10 min for my mum to come up with a word only for her to proudly write “YOU” and explain for another 30 seconds what “YOU” she is talking about.

And when we were not playing we would just Sit. Talk. Listen. Laugh. Love And Learn.

Today face-to-face conversation has been replaced with Skype and “hi, how are you, I am fine or maybe not and my day went well or maybe it sucked and I am exhausted or excited” has been replaced with whatsapp emojis and Facebook acronyms. We have replaced hours of conversation with 140 Twitter characters and we describe how beautiful the day was with Instagram Pictures and 15 second “snaps” on snap chat.

My siblings and I created 50/50 to keep our countries history alive, create hilarious moments reliving memories from over 50 years of our country’s past and most importantly get to bond with our friends and family not just over a bottle of beer and 15 notifications but over actual moments where we get to look up, look at each other and even better speak to each other.That TV program that you loved in the 90s, the high school you went to, those musicians you listened to, places in Kenya you visited during your geography class, that candy that you bought for one shilling or that fashion item that went out of style, is really tangibly nostalgic when you have to verbally and most times hilariously describe it in 50 seconds around your friends and family as opposed to explaining it on a whatsapp group and getting LOL in response.

For the first 50/50 blog post this year, here’s to having actual conversation in 2016!

Order your copy of the 50/50 Kenyan board game on our website www.fiftyfiftyboardgame.com and watch Prince Ea’s video “Can We Auto Correct Humanity” Below.

“Because friendships are more broken than the screens on our phone”


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