Everything 50/50!


After a successful year since we launched the 50/50 board game, we have had loads of fun, hours of laughter and such an amazing response from individuals all over  the country and including Kenyans in the diaspora. We were honoured to be the third recipients of the Awesome Foundation award, invited to “the trend” on NTV where we got to play live on air with the host Larry Madowo, retailing the 50/50 board game at the Purpink gift store (purpink.co.ke) and were privileged to be invited to state house to present a copy of the board game  to the First Lady her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta. In case you’re wondering, yes we did get the opportunity to play 50/50 with her Excellency… And yes she was such a great player 🙂 . Check out the photo gallery for pictures.

As we head to the holiday season we have loads of events planned! From the launch of our 50/50 game night to providing great entertainment at different events. Follow our blog (on the top right) to receive updates on different events and everything 50/50. We will upload pictures, videos and posts on exciting  50/50 experiences! Look out for details on our first game night coming soon.

To get in touch with us and get your copy of 50/50, visit our “contact us” page for all the details.

The 50/50 Kenyan Board Game… How much can you remember and describe… In 50 seconds?



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