What Happened To Actual Conversation?


“Did you know the average person spends four years of his life looking down at his cellphone?”

I came across this YouTube video titled “Can we auto correct humanity” and it reminded me of one of the main reasons my siblings and I decided to create the “Number 1, award-winning”, Kenyan Board game. Two years and two months since we launched the 50/50 board game and I say that with lots of pride.

Growing up in Langata my siblings and I spent our school holidays outside playing all sorts of games with our neighbours, climbing trees, rooftops, taking walks round the estate and having actual conversation on literally anything and everything. Other times we would play board games. Some like chess and drafts we would create from carton boxes and bottle tops while others like Ludo, Uno, 30 seconds and Taboo we bought and kept for years until we start replacing pieces with anything you found around the house. We would replace Monopoly money that disappeared or got worn out with normal paper cut out in the same size and coloured to almost resemble “monopoly currency”. We would replace tokens with anything from buttons in different colours to using badges and toggles from our Brownie and Scout uniforms.

Robert Brault said “The perfect family board game is one that can be played each time with fewer pieces” And he was right. For every letter lost in our game of Scrabble, we found ways to create sometimes up to 7 letter words, replacing lost tokens with makeshift pieces drawn with black markers.

Those were some of the best days of our lives (insert sand through the hourglass 🙂 . When we would actually sit down and communicate over hours of laughter and competition. When we would have time to notice small things like a new outfit or a pimple on your sister’s chin or the tiny strands of hair that we are now calling a beard on your brothers face.We had such memorable times teaching our parents how to play as well and enjoyed hilarious moments over a game of Scrabble waiting for 10 min for my mum to come up with a word only for her to proudly write “YOU” and explain for another 30 seconds what “YOU” she is talking about.

And when we were not playing we would just Sit. Talk. Listen. Laugh. Love And Learn.

Today face-to-face conversation has been replaced with Skype and “hi, how are you, I am fine or maybe not and my day went well or maybe it sucked and I am exhausted or excited” has been replaced with whatsapp emojis and Facebook acronyms. We have replaced hours of conversation with 140 Twitter characters and we describe how beautiful the day was with Instagram Pictures and 15 second “snaps” on snap chat.

My siblings and I created 50/50 to keep our countries history alive, create hilarious moments reliving memories from over 50 years of our country’s past and most importantly get to bond with our friends and family not just over a bottle of beer and 15 notifications but over actual moments where we get to look up, look at each other and even better speak to each other.That TV program that you loved in the 90s, the high school you went to, those musicians you listened to, places in Kenya you visited during your geography class, that candy that you bought for one shilling or that fashion item that went out of style, is really tangibly nostalgic when you have to verbally and most times hilariously describe it in 50 seconds around your friends and family as opposed to explaining it on a whatsapp group and getting LOL in response.

For the first 50/50 blog post this year, here’s to having actual conversation in 2016!

Order your copy of the 50/50 Kenyan board game on our website www.fiftyfiftyboardgame.com and watch Prince Ea’s video “Can We Auto Correct Humanity” Below.

“Because friendships are more broken than the screens on our phone”


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50/50 at the Airtel Sondeka Festival (part 2)


Check out  a more specific video of the 50/50 team at the Sondeka Festival! Did I mention we had such a brilliant time? See you at the next one!

Video courtesy of the lovely team at E-LABZ PHOTOGRAPHY

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50/50 at the Airtel Sondeka Festival


The 50/50 team participated at this year’s Sondeka Festival which took place from the 11th to the 13th of September at the Arboretum grounds. We had such a blast interacting with different creatives and artists all showcasing amazing creations and talent. One of our favourite parts of the Festival (well besides having hilarious 50/50 challenges at our stand) was definitely the evening performances by Muthoni the drummer queen, Fena,Kidum and Octopizzo who all gave electrifying performances! Lots of great food, drinks, good music and great company! Definitely looking forward to attending the next Sondeka Festival! Check out a short video here from the event and watch this space for more pictures coming up.

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50/50 at the Art & Beer Festival


The Art & Beer Festival is an annual event of 48 Hours of pure celebrations and festivities…The two day event held on the 22 August at the Ngong Racecourse brought together different art exhibitions by photographers, painters, interior and fashion designers. Also present were different varieties of Kenyan & international food, On-site beer brewing, Food Courts, Kenyan Cocktails, an Overnight Camping site And of course the team from your favorite Kenyan board game 50/50. We had an amazing time with quickfire game challenges and interacting with different individuals while reliving years of Kenyan memories. Check out the gallery for more pictures.


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50/50 at the Creative’s Chill Out/Hillcrest Fun Day!

This past weekend, the 50/50 team participated at two events and had a blast while at it. The first event was at the Creatives Garage weekly “chill out” event held every Friday with a different theme. This particular event was the gaming edition, where creatives and members of the public came together for a Friday night game night, with good music, drinks, great company and different hilarious rounds competing over the 50/50 board game. It was definitely a fun event, with intense competition, hilarious ways of describing different Kenyan words, chaos over the “50 second sand timer” and an overall great experience! Definitely looking forward to the next creatives game night!

Our second event on Sunday was at the Hillcrest family fun day which is an annual event organised to raise funds for the paediatric cancer unit at the Kenyatta National Hospital. The event was a chilled out family day with good food, good people and great weather! Having had previous 50/50 events with thunderstorm kind of rain, we definitely needed a blue sky kind of day! Such a great cause! We are definitely looking forward to participating at the next Hillcrest event! To have the 50/50 team participate at your event, organise a game challenge for your team building/corporate event or to get your own copy of the 50/50 board game and organise your own event, feel free to contact us on info@fiftyfiftyltd.com

Check out pictures from both events below courtesy of Kevin Gitonga photography

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The 50/50 Experience!


In November last year, we held our first 50/50 experience! This was the first of many events where we intend to bring random groups of people together for an afternoon of gaming, 50/50 challenges, themed events i.e. family feuds (where different families will compete against each other), all with good food, tasty barbecue, drinks and lots more. The first event went well despite a “thunderstorm” kind of rain which came out of nowhere and caused us to move the outdoor event indoors! For the second event, still held at the Road house Grill in Karen, the rain “gods” listened and held off until much later in the evening. We had loads of fun and laughter, aggressive competition, an all you can eat cake tasting throughout the event courtesy of “Hello Sweetness Confectioneries” and a karaoke session courtesy of “Kapital Karaoke” where guests went down memory lane with hits from the 80s and 90s! There was also lots of great tasting Nyama choma courtesy of our friends at the Road House Karen

A special shout out to Golden Memories Photography for sponsoring the gift hampers and part of the photography at the event. Another special shout out to the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel, The Monarch hotel and Kijani Green For sponsoring the raffle prizes. See pictures below courtesy of Kevin Gitonga Photography.

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50/50 Made in Kenya! Part 1

After several back and forth e-mails and a meeting with the Executive Director  of the Made in Kenya TV show, we finally  begun shooting the 50/50 video..

The title of this blog post is part one because I will definitely write in detail the experience that was creating the 50/50 board game. From months of research, sleepless nights,, disappointments by different vendors and suppliers to almost thinking this is the most ridiculous idea, to finally bringing together an amazing team of designers and printers that worked with us to deliver a brilliant product right on time for our launch. I can’t wait to write about that! For now, check out the five-minute 50/50 creation process Made in Kenya video! (jeez that was a mouth full)

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Everything 50/50!


After a successful year since we launched the 50/50 board game, we have had loads of fun, hours of laughter and such an amazing response from individuals all over  the country and including Kenyans in the diaspora. We were honoured to be the third recipients of the Awesome Foundation award, invited to “the trend” on NTV where we got to play live on air with the host Larry Madowo, retailing the 50/50 board game at the Purpink gift store (purpink.co.ke) and were privileged to be invited to state house to present a copy of the board game  to the First Lady her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta. In case you’re wondering, yes we did get the opportunity to play 50/50 with her Excellency… And yes she was such a great player 🙂 . Check out the photo gallery for pictures.

As we head to the holiday season we have loads of events planned! From the launch of our 50/50 game night to providing great entertainment at different events. Follow our blog (on the top right) to receive updates on different events and everything 50/50. We will upload pictures, videos and posts on exciting  50/50 experiences! Look out for details on our first game night coming soon.

To get in touch with us and get your copy of 50/50, visit our “contact us” page for all the details.

The 50/50 Kenyan Board Game… How much can you remember and describe… In 50 seconds?